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Zimbabwe Discount Dollars is the ultimate source for collectible Zimbabwe currency. Whether you're an antique dealer in Los Angeles or a coin collector in Boston, you will love the pricing and selection of the old paper money that we have to offer. You can order our products online no matter where you are in the world, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction upon delivery of your order. Customer service is our number one priority, and if you are not satisfied with our beautiful bills, we are not satisfied.

100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note

This authentic 100 trillion dollar reserve note is from the Bank of Zimbabwe. The bright green bill has a nice feel to it, and there is a small tower of rocks pictured on the front. This beautiful and unique bill is a great start or addition to any paper currency collection.

100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note
50 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note

Our 50 trillion dollar reserve note is a striking piece of currency, and it will stand out among other the notes in your collection. It hails from the Bank of Zimbabwe and has a fascinating history. You can tell the country took their time when printing this particular note.

50 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note

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